Monday, September 17, 2012

Seems as if the Hostility is spreading.........

   I was very busy this weekend with grand-kids and football games.  But being the informed person that I like to think myself as being, I sadly did keep up with coverage the demonstrations against America and it's financial aid around the world.  Oh, sorry, I did not see any of the money being returned to my checking account, just my flag being burned and the bodies of those brave Americans being brought back to the states.  I will check my account later today to see if the funds have arrived yet.

Did not see any reports of this over the week-end

MORE than 150 protestors were arrested outside the US embassy in Paris as police broke up a demonstration over an anti-Islam film.
Although the majority of the demonstrators were penned in by police at the Tuileries Gardens, groups of youths and women in full veils reached the Champs-Élysées and started prayers on the world-famous avenue.
Most of those arrested were released after identity checks.
Security at the embassy - and at other US-linked sites in France - has now been stepped up after Interior Minister Manuel Valls warned that Islamic hard-liners were on the sidelines provoking the Paris confrontation and said he feared the possibility of further reaction.
France has Europe's largest population of Muslims and the protest on Saturday was the first in the west against the film. Six police were hurt.
Valls said on France 2 news that he would halt further demonstrations
He warned that it was not just youths from the suburbs who were involved but "groups of "hardline Salafists [ultra-conservative Muslims]".
Valls added: "Across the internet, through journeys to countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan, there are young people in our own neighbourhoods who may be affected by this ideology of hate."
He will give Cabinet ministers details at the end of this month of a new law he plans to lead the fight against terrorism. It would allow France to try French citizens who "commit acts of terror in other countries or who go to train in terror camps on the Afghan-Pakistan border with the aim of returning to France".
Toulouse scooter killer Mohamed Merah, who killed seven people, admitted he had been in Afghanistan and Pakistan for such training.

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  1. There were "protests" in London and in Germany, too. Those didn't get much press either since the local police made sure no violence occurred. Elsewhere, the police were apparently enthusiastic members of the rioters.


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