Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's Another Good Thing

Here we go again.

    Have you every had the opportunity to have a nice dinner at a restaurant that still seats you and your party and the menu consists of more than burgers and fries?   Me too. 
    Seems like all those in the politburo, lawyers, and all those interested parties who's plan is to completely wipe out manufacturing in our country are working overtime (?)  Instead of finding ways to save taxpayer dollars, the new plan has set sites on banning everything plastic.
   I would just recommend if you decide to have a nice dinner in the Republic of Brookline,  that you eat everything on your plate and do not even think of asking for a "doggy bag" to bring home leftovers.  That is of course only if paper (trees OMG) bags are still acceptable or you bring your own plastic container with you from home or the cave you live in.
  Just the thought of all this makes me want to again have a cigarette after dinner, but the gathering tree down the street that allows such a thing is too crowded.

Months after Cambridge, Mass. got national press for mulling a ban on large sodas, nearby Brookline appears ready to get a spot in the limelight.
At November's town meeting, the tony Boston suburb will consider whether to ban restaurants from using take-out containers made from plastic foam. (Styrofoam is a trademark of the Dow Chemical Co.)
The Boston Herald reports a town resident, retired attorney Nancy Heller, authored the ban. At least one other Massachusetts town, Great Barrington, in Western Mass., already bans plastic foam containers, along with over 100 cities and towns nationwide.


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