Thursday, August 30, 2012

Update on my post "Use it or Lose it" on August 24th

.................I would like to ad Spell it Correctly!  God knows how thankful I am for the birds and the trees and freedom and spell check.  This gives a new meaning to the dumbing down of America. As it the new traffic mess that has been created just to create public work, now the heat is on just by being in these ongoing traffic lines and having to look at the misspelled street signs.  Who pays? Does this come in under "additional work per contract?"

To Teresa Hartman , it’s a case of “adding insult to injury.”
Not only is traffic backed up all along Route 62 in Danvers, and sometimes Beverly, as a result of the state’s $23 million project to reconfigure entrances and exits to Route 128, but now the new street signs are up — and they’re spelled wrong.
Specifically, there are four misspelled street signs that read “Elliot St,” missing the final “t” in Elliott.
The typo is minor when compared to the scale of the project — two reconfigured interchanges and the replacement of a train bridge over Route 128, all while the roadway was kept open. But it’s been just one more thing for motorists to stew on while stuck in traffic.
It’s something Hartman sees every day. She lives on Elliott Street, and while she mostly uses the commuter rail to get to her job at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, she often uses the road to access Route 128. Driving to work on Monday at 7:15 a.m., she found traffic backed up  0.3 miles from the intersection of Elliott Street and Route 128.

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