Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How Sweet It Is

We have seen the responsibilities or the taxpayer (that would be me) continue to grow. It is now not good enough to give a hand up to the poor who need some help but it is now the case to provide the "best" of what money can buy. I can not afford the "best" that money can buy! Now this is all well and good but with the tax payers shrinking along with their dollars to spend, we need to rethink the spending and hand out craze.
Week after week I count my goods on the grocery counter to make sure I have enough money to pay for them and sure enough there has been occupations when a customer in front of me has TWO orders, one paid with food stamps and one paid with cash.
Now I know this is a food item and who decides? But it has also been the case that these cards have been used to purchase liquor, manicures, and tattoos.

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