Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Bribe is a Bribe is a Bribe.........

  What is a bribe and if it is done in the woods and nobody hears it is it still a bribe?  Politicians have been taking bribes for years.  Bribes come in the way of tax breaks in local towns and cities.  Bribes come in union votes promised for political favors or in terms of wages and pensions for public employees.  Money laundering happens all the time.  If we had no underground economy in this country we would be in worse shape.
The government has been going after Walmart for ever and won't stop trying.  This to me is just another example of too much power given over to government per politician. 
Now how about our X Senator Mr Chris Dodd and his mortgage given to him by Countrywide before the fall of the housing market hmmmmm?

Two US lawmakers probing bribery allegations against Walmart in Mexico say they have documents suggesting the retail giant may also have engaged in tax evasion and money laundering.
The congressmen, Elijah Cummings and Henry Waxman, made their claim in a letter to Walmart Chief Executive Michael Duke dated Tuesday, urging him to respond to requests for information about allegations that the company violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
"We have obtained internal company documents, including internal audit reports, from other sources suggesting that Walmart may have had compliance issues relating not only to bribery, but also to 'questionable financial behavior' including tax evasion and money laundering in Mexico," said the letter.
Cummings and Waxman gave Walmart until August 28 to answer their call for documents and briefings.
"Although you have stated on multiple occasions that you intend to cooperate with our investigation, you have failed to provide the documents we requested, and you continue to deny us access to key witnesses," they wrote.
Walmart spokeswoman Brooke Buchanan said the company had already given two briefings to lawmakers and "are exploring ways to make additional

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