Tuesday, July 3, 2012


sent to me this morning

It’s official.  It’s now law.  The Supreme Court has set the precedence.  The government can now tax you for NOT purchasing something that they want purchased.    The boundary has been crossed.  Caesar has crossed the Rubicon.   For the first time in U.S. history the government has the authority to collect a tax on citizens if citizens do NOT do what the government wants.    The implications are enormous.
Consider the following:
The government decides that certain car models are best for our country. (Those built by certain union workers)  If you purchase a different car, then the government can assess a NOT BUYING THE CHOSEN CAR TAX onto the customer.
Your electric company purchases electricity generated by fuels that the government does not like.  Guess what?  You have to pay the NOT BUYING THE PROPERLY GENERATED ELECTRICITY TAX.
The government decides what foods are considered healthy.  If you purchase foods that are considered unhealthy (or have not been approved by the government bureaucracy) then you must pay the UNAPPROVED FOOD AND BEVERAGE TAX.
Some homes are not very energy efficient.  lf you want to sell that home you would have to pay the NOT ENERGY EFFICIENT HOME TAX. 
If you own a business and want to sell a product or service then you will have to allow the government to tell you what you can or can’t do in order to avoid THE UNAPPROVED PRODUCT TAX being assessed on your service or product.
If you grow your own food in a garden or on a ranch and you consume your own products the government misses out on taxes on those items.  If you buy beef at a store the rancher pays taxes on the beef when it is sold. The middleman pays taxes when they sell the beef.  The consumer pays taxes on the beef when it they purchase the beef.  The government makes money.  The government wants you to purchase food only through their tax-approved system.   If you produce your own food the government could charge you a NOT PAYING TAX ON OBTAINED FOOD TAX.  The government would have an office where gardeners would have to declare their home-raised food and pay the necessary tax on those items.
A friendly neighbor gives you two dozen eggs.  The government wants the tax on any exchange of value.  You would have to pay the NOT BUYING EGGS AT THE SUPERMARKET TAX.
Your house needs to be painted.  If a painter paints the house and you pay him he must pay taxes on the money you pay him.  If you decide to paint the house yourself and not pay labor costs then the government loses out on money.   The government could charge you the I DID IT MYSELF TAX on the painting of your house.

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