Tuesday, July 10, 2012

President Obama again................Why?

   For those of you who would vote for the President to have a second term I ask why?  This man has no experience to run a country, never mind a business, and it shows.
  Why would you raise taxes on the job creators in a recession or anytime and why just for a year?  To get you through an election in November?  Both political parties are to blame along with us who allow them to.
   I must admit his tactics of class warfare is working well.  With now more than half the voters paying no federal income tax, why vote to change the President?
   It is true a president can not create jobs.  Government does not create jobs just a positive climate for those who do. Did I mention we are 37th world wide in math????  What kind of workforce are our schools letting out the doors? Sad but true, if we did have the jobs we could not do the jobs....
   Obamacare:  Once healthcare was included in the benefits offered by one's employer, us included  This is now taken off the table and the individual is forced to purchase his own. There was a time we paid 100% but now are at 50% the cost.  Benefit gone, taxpayer is responsible for 100% cost of the insurance along with the penalty if he chooses nothing?  Some would say that a company would now pay more to the employee, wrong.  With higher costs for small businesses, lower profit margins, higher regulations and taxes, there is no savings and the standard of living just proceeds downward. And when was the last time the government created a program that ran as stated it would or was kept on budget??? NEVER
  So as we turn into a socialist society the "rich" are leaving and denouncing their citizenship, Hollywood and politicians alike.

Socialite Denise Rich dumps U.S. passport

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