Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Better one plan vs no plan

             ANSA) - Isola del Giglio, July 10 - The removal from the Isola del Giglio began on Tuesday of a rock reef that gashed the side of the Costa Concordia cruise ship, sinking it in January.
The Costa Concordia shipwrecked on the Tuscan island's reef on the night of January 13, killing 32, injuring 64 and requiring the evacuation of 4,252 passengers.
Workers are removing 140 tons of rock that created a 70-meter-long hole in the left side of the massive 450-million-euro cruise ship built in 2006.
The rock is being sectioned into three parts, which will be separately removed by crane over the course of a few days.
At least one piece of the reef will be donated by Costa Cruises to the Isola del Giglio for use in a victims' memorial at the site of the shipwreck, should the island decide to build one.

The rock that has been in the same location for so many years with no hits until the fatal sinking of earlier this year.
Lets hope more will be done to train Captains, as all rocks, islands, and protrusions in the sea are not so easily removed.  Wake up, put down the cell phone and the glass of bubbly, and the sweet young hostess and do your job! This will not bring the family members back to their loved ones who were lost because someone failed to do the job they were hired to do.  If not that rock, then some other rock!

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