Monday, July 23, 2012 socialist to another

Some may disagree, but I have lived long enough to see the actions of our politicians diminish the American spirit while at the same time making life for themselves more comfortable.
Will the election of a new president in November make a difference in bringing new jobs back to the country or getting rid of cumbersome regulatory agencies?  Can a new president actually shrink the federal government and allow the states to rule themselves without being blackmailed by the likes of political policy voted on by politicians who have been the cause of much of the problems by the absence of term limits?  Never in my years have I seen a federal bureau dismantled, only grow.
Hell, those who govern can not even put a time table to unemployment benefits, and these same people will be in charge of the new Obamacare..................

CARACAS--Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez compared his election rival to "far-right" U.S. presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on Saturday, saying both men wanted to subjugate the country under capitalism and crush his socialist "revolution".
South America's top oil exporter will hold its ballot on Oct. 7, a month before the Nov. 6 U.S. election. Chavez is in full campaign mode, aiming for a new six-year term and saying he is fit and well after three cancer operations in the past year.
The two electoral races bumped against each other last week when President Barack Obama and his Republican rival, Romney, sparred over the risk posed by Chavez, and the Venezuelan leader sought to soften his radical image a touch by saying Obama was a "good guy".
Holding forth at a large rally in the western city of Maracaibo where he sang and pretended to play the guitar with a band, Chavez said opposition candidate Henrique Capriles resembled Romney, who hopes to replace Obama in the White House.
"What could better explain his program?" he asked. "Maybe it's the far-right candidate in North America, Romney. It's their plan. Their plan is to subjugate Venezuela again to the service of imperialism, of capitalism."

 We will see now.....................

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