Thursday, June 21, 2012

History Lesson

   Below please find a picture of what work in America once looked like.  Yes, we had people making things, shoes, blouses, books, sports equipment, industrial enclosures, to name but a few.
  Some of these workers learned ( not by a government program but by the owner ) their craft so well that they were rewarded by the owner of the company with more money and even sometimes a promotion.  A full day's work was expected along with actually showing up for the job and for some reason if you were not happy with the job you left the company and found a new job.  If you did not perform your job well the company also had the right to let you go.  A good employee though was even given extra time off with pay when warranted due to a sick child or other emergency.  The company also made the rules on vacations and how many paid days you would have according to your time with the company.
 Some might think this a fairy tale because no lawyers or union leaders were mentioned.  Things ran pretty smoothly including safety and pay raises. Accidents happened, machinery malfunctioned, and overtime was offered.  But they all worked together, the owners and the employees of the company that once made the goods in America for Americans and the world.  I know because I lived it and was both an employee and and owner.



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