Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Don't be Dopey

 It always amuses me, no, ticks me off, (Grumpy) when people blame the messenger while skipping past the problem.  By now everyone has seen the picture of the mayor of New York in a dress (Sneezy)............ great promotion for the Nanny State.
 I myself would stay away from those 32 ounce soft drinks (Doc) but they might be a good way of sharing and keeping costs down!  Every time the government comes down on a company, any company, it is bad business for everyone.  Like eating a Hershey bar (Happy) on occasion, everything in moderation.  Take back the power to eat, drink, (Sleepy) and buy what you please (Bashful).............unless you like the "Nanny State" and only eating carrot and celery sticks????????????

(Newser) – Disney (Dopey) has decided it's time for Mickey and friends to stop getting fat on junk food dollars. The company says it is phasing out ads and sponsorship for unhealthy food and drinks on its TV channels, radio stations, and websites. It will require products to meet minimum nutritional standards by 2015, reports USA Today. The move, which also applies to Saturday morning programming at ABC stations, will be announced at a press conference with Michelle Obama today. Disney says it is the first major media company to introduce standards for food advertising on child-oriented programming.............

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