Monday, June 11, 2012

Diversion or Incompetence

   We have Fast and Furious, we have White House Leaks, we have waste and over spending by government agencies.............
    We have the federal government investigating the hiring of pretty women???????

Federal officials getting into a lather over the allegedly targeted hiring of pretty young things to pour Marylou’s Coffee is not only an example of government running amok, but also reeks of exceptionally selective outrage.
If the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was the least bit serious in its pursuit of a Utopian culture in which pulchritude did not matter, it would have been on the warpath long before now.
Do its members not watch TV, with its obvious preference for perky coquettes who can’t pronounce Haverhill but have dazzling smiles?
Doesn’t the EEOC believe dowdy matrons are just as capable of reporting holdups in the city and backups on the Sagamore Bridge?
Do those members ever watch the Celtics [team stats]’ dancers and wonder why no frumpy hoofers are tripping the light fantastic? Where’s the diversity?
Did they watch the Celtics’ series with the Heat and somehow miss those incessant Kia commercials in which a bikini-clad bimbo gazed vacantly at a passing sedan? Please.

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  1. It is all "bread and circuses" in this election year. The "Special Counsel" called for by McCain and Rino elite has been OK'd by Holder...Diversion and coverup by both parties till after Nov...I say watch the floosies...At least they are being honest.


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