Monday, May 21, 2012

What to Wear to an Award Show???

  I admit to being a recovering award show watcher. Okay, so sometimes I slip.  Last night while flipping the stations that I stopped for a visit to the Billboard Award show.  What a shame no one told that young Miley Cyrus girl that pants are not an option when wearing your daddy's tux.  How the heck to you even sit in such an outfit?
   This was also a shocker to me this weekend.  My 11 year old grandson was at the house to help his granddad with some yard work.  He was a help and my husband drove him home after we fed him a health lunch of hot dogs and chips.  This is sad, when my husband returned he told me how my grandson, an A student, asked what the handle on the van door was for.  Not only was the morning a quick course on yard tools and how to use them but also on how to roll up a van window without a button!
    Now my only wish is that before my 10 year old granddaughter gets to prom age, the girls will be wearing clothes again!

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