Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Village just called.....................

 This person is a walking, talking, insult at best.  Has he ever created a job that was not paid by someone's taxes?  He has made a living in the public sector and is a very rich man by doing so.  His family also make their living in the public sector.  He says, " they don't understand us".  What????  He stands up their preachy with the holier than thou attitude!  Does he really believe those union members in his audiences can relate to this man who has been collecting his paycheck from us, who pay taxes that is, and not from the private company owner or Wall Street investor.  Really, you are a little man Mr. Joe Biden and just a hack feeding on those who depend on others to tell them how to think and who will give them something for nothing! Who is taking the risk here?????????? 

on the re-election tour:

In choosing Youngstown for Biden's speech, the Obama campaign picked a symbol of Rust Belt economic struggles. But as Ohio's unemployment rate has dropped by 3 percentage points in two years, Biden is casting Obama economic policies as a success.
Biden made a brief stop at the Salem fire department south of Youngstown to shake hands with firefighters and onlookers. The department used a $300,000 federal grant to recall three laid-off firefighters.

Come to work with me, Mr. Biden, and see how easy the government makes it to get permitting done by those who do not even understand the scope of a job, who are city inspectors or fire chiefs and whose only purpose is the need to "control" a project and who need to collect as much for a permit as they can!  

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