Thursday, May 17, 2012

If you have not already, start preparing

“On Speaker Boehner’s threat to hold the debt ceiling hostage to spending cuts that will threaten our economic recovery,” Chris Van Hollen (D – Maryland), the Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee, stated that, “once again, Republicans are playing chicken with our economy and manufacturing an unnecessary crisis … The GOP’s refusal to consider both spending and revenues – despite the recommendation of every bipartisan group that has looked at this issue – does nothing to bring us any closer to getting our fiscal house in order. Their insistence on protecting tax breaks for millionaires and special interests above all else won’t boost economic growth, reduce the deficit, or move our country forward.”
It is expected, nevertheless, that all of the issues are unlikely to be resolved until the New Year – that nothing will be decided in Congress before the elections or in the ‘lame duck’ Congressional session after the elections, and that the Treasury will be able to use accounting sleight-of-hand to extend utilisation under the debt limit until then.

It really does not seem to matter anymore WHO our next president will be.  We are out of money and we have no brain power in Congress, or will, to change the course of our country.................
Keep spending programs............we have no money
Raise the taxes............................middle class already working for less money if indeed they even have a good paying job

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