Friday, April 20, 2012

.............Those are not poppy seeds

France: Flea collars are pulled off shelves

          Children should not be allowed to wear flea collars, never thought this to be an issue.  If you are going to France, you might want to bring a bottle of calamine lotion though.  Good intentions, like laws, often have
bad consequences, like laws....................... 

NEARLY 60 flea collars for cats and dogs have been withdrawn from sale in France over fears they pose a danger to humans, particularly children.
The Agence Nationale du Médicament Vétérinaire watchdog withdrew the permit for sale for the the collars as they contain organophosphates, toxic insecticides known to harm the human nervous system. Humans in close contact with animals wearing such collars could be affected.
Shops and wholesalers have been told to clear their shelves after the ANMV looked again at how the flea collars were used and how much adults and children would come into contact with the toxic substances.
Agency director Jean-Pierre Orand told Sciences et Avenir magazine: "We looked at several criteria and noted people's change in behaviour towards their pets, marked by increasingly close and shared contact especially the fact many children sleep with their cat or dog."
He said some countries opted just to recommend that people should avoid extended contact with the pet but "we thought this was not compatible with people's way of life" and preferred to impose a ban.

     I feel it fair to inform you that I am of the generation that, growing up, did not have to have my dog on a leash and did not have to carry a plastic bag to pick up his poop.

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