Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Prom Season

I do remember the proms I attended...................... yes there were proms back then.  Little attention was paid to the dress and more to the hunt for it and how much babysitting money I needed to earn to help pay for it.
I am glad to see that some of the pressure is taken off the decision with the policy of some schools as to what is appropriate attire.  More and more dollars for less and less dress?

The school’s prim policy breaks it all down for the students by body part: “With arms down at your side, if flesh touches flesh in the midriff section, this dress is inappropriate.”
“We tell them right up front, ‘If you dress inappropriately, you’re going home and forfeiting your money,’ ” said Saugus High principal Joseph Diorio, who formalized the school’s prom dress code policy with a slide-heavy presentation to students and an email to parents.
The 21-page prom-dress manifesto is filled with explicit fashion do’s and don’ts for the high schoolers’ big night out on May 31 — including images of “immodest” and “inappropriate” dresses.
Banned in Saugus:
•     Bare midriffs.
•     Cutouts.
•     Thigh-high slits.
•     Cleavage.
•     Micro minis.
For the boys, jackets and buttoned-up shirts are required. Shirts and shoes must be worn all night.

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