Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Oldest Profession

   Why is everyone acting so shocked on the heels of this administrations latest scandal? Do you think this has never happened before or that it will never happen again?  When asked to give more of your fare share I say stop spending what I am working for now!!! 
  This is one consequence of a way too large government.  Our way of life and family now is such that no one is held accountable, everyone is equal, and if you strive to improve your life you are a 'fat cat' and need to give more more back to who the government dictates.   How long has your representative been in Congress?  Government is the problem which goes along with the decline of the American Family, sex before marriage, and the diminished meaning of human life. 
  These secret service are an embarrassment and should loose more than their job if found guilty. The Congressional hearings will continue and they will all sit there and take the Fifth, just like Fast and Furious, just like the GSA members or even lie outright like in the past!  

Secret Service revokes security clearance for agents in prostitution probe, Pentagon 'embarrassed'.


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