Tuesday, April 24, 2012

News from Down Under

     Though I may not be a world traveler, I still find it fascinating to find other opinionated people through searching the net.  Saw that Pelosi woman on the news last night actually saying she wanting people to make more money so they could pay more taxes!  I want people to make more money so they can support themselves, families, and give to the charity of their own choice. 

From Australia, Mr. Joe Hockey

In his notorious April 11 speech, “The End of the Age of Entitlement”, shadow treasurer Joe Hockey said that if the Liberal-Nationals were elected to federal government they would slash Australia's already battered welfare system.
“The Age of Entitlement is over,” Hockey said with a sly smirk.
“We should not take this as cause for despair. What we have seen is that the market is mandating policy changes that common sense and years of lectures from small government advocates have failed to achieve.”
The welfare system that forces unemployed people to live below the poverty line is not mean enough for the likes of this snake oil merchant.
At 16% of GDP, public social spending in Australia is lower than the developed (OECD) country average of 19.2%. It lags behind 25 other countries. Even the US is ahead at 16.1%.
Not low enough for Hockey. He thinks we would be better off with a Hong Kong or South Korea-style welfare system — a no-welfare system.

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