Wednesday, April 25, 2012

District police issued 33,500 court summonses in three years

Students ticketed in 2009 through 2011 were disproportionately Latino or African American. Last year, black students represented about 10 percent of the Los Angeles Unified School District but 15 percent of those ticketed. In 2010, black students were 20 percent of those cited.
Latinos, about 73 percent of the district enrollment, represented 77 percent of those cited last year. White students, nine percent of enrollment, were about 3 percent of those ticketed.
This sheer volume of citations, the racial and ethnic statistics and the number of younger children cited have all contributed to a brewing controversy over the role of police in public schools in Los Angeles.

       Really? Should not the controversy be that so many "tickets" were given in the first place, even if some of them are in error!!!!!!!!!  Where is the responsibility of these parents and children in the first place.  How bad would the schools be if the cops were not in them???????????????????????????????????


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