Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where the Sun don't Shine

Unfortunately, the administration's approach may hamper the development of clean energy in the U.S. and unnecessarily complicate U.S.-China relations in the process.
It's no secret that when China makes products, it often sells them more cheaply than its competitors. The price differential stems from low Chinese wages, lax regulation and hefty government subsidies. The U.S. solar market has borne the brunt of China's aggressive efforts, with solar panel costs tumbling  80 percent in the past five years. The failures of Solyndra LLC and Evergreen Solar Inc. illustrate the toll falling prices have taken on solar-panel makers.
That's triggered calls from some in the solar industry for the U.S. to intervene, and the Commerce Department on Monday set duties of as much as 4.73 percent on solar products from China. The administration must decide in May whether to levy duties based on additional allegations that Chinese firms are underpricing solar panels to thwart competitors.
     Yeah, well God help you if you are a home owner in Massachusetts and would like to place solar panels on your roof. The prez has no idea what a small installer or homeowner must endure through permitting.  Be ready for every town department to add a fee ( they need the money don't ya know ) to the job before installation can begin...........building department, electrical department, fire department, all with hands out and with their own way to "engineer" the project.  So keep those photo opts coming at those solar fields which I know for a fact will only employ 5 to 10 workers on completion of the job, it really does not matter where the panels are manufactured. 

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