Friday, March 16, 2012

Thoughts from Glen Beck, I do miss him on TV


  1. Yes, I miss Glenn Beck very much.. It was the actions of the PC left who destroyed him and his credibility. They didn't like his political views toward Obama and labeled him a racist as they so typically do. Look, I hate racism as much as the rest do, and I'll be the first one to admit that there are absolutely a number of white folks that didn't and don't want to see a black skinned man or woman in the White House. As far as being black, President Obama is also white. And I believe (his being biracial) that had his skin been white, that a number of white folks still would have seen a black man and not wanted him in the White House regardless of his character or views. Having said that, I'll now say this: There were a number of black folks who voted not for President Obama's character or views, but voted for his black skin. And I also believe that had his skin been white that he would not have received as much of the black vote as he did regardless of his character or views. His socialist agenda is the REAL reason why folks want to get rid off him and not his race.

  2. obama won because we have a dumbed down nation who didn't see anything wrong with putting someone in the White House who hadn't even worked at McDonalds.

    And it may happen again, because we have even more worthless sponges in the country who will vote more than once.


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