Monday, March 12, 2012

It’s your vote!

Don't know where this came from but it was sent to me and I am sharing it with you

            This fall you will have an opportunity to participate in choosing the direction in which our country will go.  You can choose to vote Democratic or Republican.  Let’s discuss the merits of each choice:

            The Democrats offer a lot of enticement.
The Democrats offer “free stuff” to women.
The Democrats offer “free stuff” to poor people.
The Democrats offer “free stuff” to blacks.
The Democrats offer “free stuff” to Hispanics.
The Democrats offer “free stuff” to illegal immigrants (future Democrat voters)
The Democrats offer “free stuff” to labor unions.
The Democrats offer “free stuff” to gays and lesbians.
The Democrats offer “free stuff” to companies that the Democrats choose.
The Democrats offer “free stuff” to industries too big to fail.
The Democrats offer “free stuff” to rich people whom the Democrats like.
The Democrats offer high paying jobs in government as they expand the size of     government.
The Democrats (through the FED) offer free money to the big financial players.  The Democrats tell these groups that they are “entitled” to this free stuff.  That makes the recipients feel good about themselves and makes them want to be a “team player”.  Progressives like to think that they are “noble” because they like to give “free stuff” away to others.  They would be noble if they were using their own money.  To use other people’s money to give to charity is not nobility.
But who pays?
The “free stuff” in some cases isn’t necessarily bad, but it has to be paid for.  The Democrats plan to pay for all of the “free stuff” by increasing taxes on the “evil” rich people whom the Democrats don’t like, but provide tax breaks to “good” rich people who do as the Democrats wish.  They plan to increase taxes on “evil” businesses that the Democrats do not like while they give tax breaks to “good” businesses that the Democrats want to succeed.   Those tax increases will not pay for all of the promised “stuff”, but don’t worry, they plan to just print and borrow more money.  That increases the debt but we get the “free stuff” now and make the Americans of the future pay thereby reducing their future quality of life.  The Democrats acknowledge that the debt may be somewhat of a problem....but it’s not their problem – at least not yet.   It’s better to spend freely now and not worry about the future.  Let the economic Armageddon be someone else’s problem a few years from now.
            So the women benefit, the blacks benefit, the Hispanics benefit, the illegal immigrants benefit, the poor benefit, the labor unions benefit, the “Democratic” companies and industries benefit, and guess what:  “The Democrats benefit by getting POWER.  All of the above groups benefit at the expense of giving up some of their personal liberties, because the Democratic leaders will have the POWER to make all of the decisions for everyone’s lives.  They will decide what freedoms any particular group will have.  They will decide which businesses thrive and which ones do not.  They will decide what laws to enforce and which ones to ignore.  They will decide what is right and wrong and what is not.  They will decide what is good and what is bad.  They will decide who is a true American and who is anti-American.  They will decide our morals and values.  They will decide if religion stays or goes.   Anyone who disagrees will simply not do very well in America – or worse.  Progressives feel that most Americans are too stupid to make correct decisions anyhow, and that in their “wisdom”, the progressives should decide what is right for everyone.  Government will intrude into our lives as never before.
            It’s your choice--- get “free stuff” for a while at the expense of your personal liberty and prepare for the economic Armageddon that is coming, or you can vote Republican and try to save America.  Buy the way......the “free stuff”..... will end for everyone when the economic disaster happens.

            Republicans do not offer the “free stuff”.   Republicans will have a safety net to protect the truly needy people of America but will want the others to show personal responsibility to work to earn the things that they want.  Government will be smaller.  There will be fewer regulations.  There will be lower taxes.  A business climate will be developed to encourage businesses to thrive.  When businesses thrive they expand and hire more workers.  Workers earn salaries, pay taxes, buy things and pay their bills.   Unemployment will be less, and economic prosperity can return.   Personal liberty will be saved.  The rule of law will be restored.  Republicans will work immediately towards a balanced budget and try to save our country from the economic meltdown that is being caused by the destruction of our dollar and the massive debt that Democrats only want to address many years down the road when it will be too late.  Republicans will immediately work towards a strong dollar so that when we buy things, the dollar will buy more than it currently does.  That may bring current prices down.

            So it’s up to you, America.  Will you want to give up liberty, acquire massive debt and a future economic disaster in order to get the “free stuff”?  If so, vote Democratic.   If you want to keep your freedom, work to earn your way of life and have a chance at prosperity, then vote Republican.  It boils down to this simple choice:  “free stuff” or freedom.  The choice is yours.......and the results will be yours as well.  America will get what it chooses.  Please choose to:


  1. This is a great post. It's really too bad that the people who get the "free stuff" won't recognize themselves.

  2. Vote Republican! That was great!

  3. Oh, they know who they are. The government does not create jobs, only makes it harder for us who do!


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