Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Swear, I Remember IT being Right Over There

     Or............ you will not know you will miss it until it is gone.   Take of those safety belts, glasses, and cross over those safety flags.  How can you complain about the jobs we once had now being done in China?  We shooed all our manufacturing away with unrealistic rules and regulations and unfair, if any, competition.  You have to admit, no one is even held responsible for a wrong action or a fall or reprimand with out calling a lawyer or union leader.  Look around, do you see a steal mill, farm, fishing fleet in your town or with in five miles of where you live? Not in my back yard, it is too smelly, too noisy, too close! So my friends, the jobs went where the people you voted for sent them and now some want to get them back.........Rotsa Ruck!

A powerful U.S. manufacturing group launched a campaign Monday to lock Chinese suppliers out of large U.S. infrastructure projects, saying Beijing does not reciprocate market access.
The Alliance for American Manufacturing kicked off the campaign by blasting California's reliance on China to supply thousands of tons of steel for the $7.2 billion San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge eastern span, which is nearing completion. AAM unveiled huge billboards near the two ends of the span, reading on a background of China's red flag, "The Bay Bridge: 100 Percent Chinese Steel," and a link to the group's "Should Be Made in America" campaign. "It is a symbol of what not to do ... as our country begins to invest in infrastructure," said Scott Paul, executive director of AAM. "We need to make sure that our federal laws and our state laws give an appropriate preference to domestic firms for large-scale infrastructure projects."

Obama Judge Rules Companies Must Post NLRB’s Union Posters, Declines to Consider NLRB Appointments

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