Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Doing Business in Massachusetts

Don't matter if you are big business, rich and famous, or small business, hopes and dreams of starting your own company.  In this state, you better be ready and well equipped to spend much time, energy, and yes money if you want to try to run your business.  You will find you have many partners you never planned on and all will  have much to say in your daily job of running a company though none have taken any of the risk involved.

One man's story..... Mr. Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots and contributor to many community projects.  Mr. Kraft has also been in the news of late on his efforts to build a casino and it should be noted that it was voted down by the town.
FOXBORO - Selectmen have withdrawn a town meeting measure that would have taken land the Kraft Group says it owns on Route 1 where two controversial billboards are located.
The move was billed as a conciliatory gesture to foster negotiations between the town and the town's largest taxpayer in what has become an increasingly tense relationship.
Selectmen voted unanimously Tuesday to withdraw the article, requested by the water and sewer commission, to take approximately two acres of land around the billboards. Kraft says the billboards are on land it owns, but the town claims control by reason of an easement.
The town is currently seeking bids for a second time on a management contract for the billboards, a process the Kraft Group says is fatally flawed.

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