Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Bad Thing

   Sometimes people do things they should not do.  Bad things are done by all races.  The bad thing must be addressed, and not confused with the color or the nationality of the person who has done the bad thing.  Responsibility for doing the wrong thing is on the person who did the wrong thing, not society.

 Quick example:  I do not like this president because of his views and his policies not because he is of a different color than I am.

Racial disparity in school discipline in Massachusetts:

     A good student with no disciplinary record, Sonia Vivas was on track to fulfill her dream of becoming a lawyer when an encounter with two other teens sent her life into a tailspin. Accused of stealing a cell phone and pulling a knife on a student, the 14-year-old eighth grader was tossed out of school in 2007 with little more than a cursory hearing after the mother of one of the girls, both white, complained her daughter felt threatened.

 It took the intervention of a lawyer and a diagnosis of a learning disorder a label that meant the state was legally required to provide alternative schooling to special needs kids  to finally get Vivas back to class, this time at an alternative school. Without a special needs designation, Vivas would have been out of options since Massachusetts does not require school districts to provide alternative education for suspended or expelled students. Even if Vivas moved out of town, her new school district would not have been required to provide her with an education. Yet today, the Somerville High School honors student is headed for a brighter future. Her dream of a legal career, however, was crushed by the hours spent fighting to get the school district to allow her to return to the classroom. Although she won that fight, the battle soured her dream of becoming a lawyer, she said.

Lesson learned:
Life is not easy, learn and move on or thanks to the lawyers and government will take care of all


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