Friday, February 24, 2012

“Now there are some folks talking about repealing that reform,” she said. “Are we going to let that happen?

You bet your arss we are!  Mrs. Obama out raising more money for her husband's election yesterday.  As if we were not in enough fiscal troubles, obamacare would truly end our country as we once new it.  Years ago we had Catholic and other charitable groups and hospitals that would see to it that no child or any person in need of medical help would go without care.  Today our government is on the hunt to destroy and see that these groups are gone for good and that all help is through the government with its never ending programs and regulations.  It sounds great to promise everything to everybody, but alas it is an empty promise as anyone can see looking across the ocean to Europe.

CINCINNATI — First lady Michelle Obama yesterday urged supporters to rally around her husband’s re-election campaign or risk seeing his presidency’s health-care overhaul and other policy changes “ slip away.”
She raised money for President Barack Obama’s Democratic campaign in a reception at a downtown Cincinnati hotel. Before heading to another fundraiser in Louisville, Ky., she toured some of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center’s exhibits about slavery and how runaway slaves reached freedom.
Mrs. Obama told the reception that change comes slowly but that the health-care legislation already has benefited millions of people, saving many senior citizens hundreds of dollars a year on prescription drugs.
“Now there are some folks talking about repealing that reform,” she said. “Are we going to let that happen? Are we going to allow children to be denied health care coverage who have cancer or other serious diseases? We can’t do that.”
Republican presidential campaigns are in high gear in Ohio, which has a March 6 primary. All four GOP candidates pledge to seek repeal of “Obamacare.”

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