Tuesday, February 14, 2012

If it is government and it does not work.......whateva!

    Remember "take the bus, leave the driving to us".... It was slogan from a private company years back.
   Well this story is about a system that is broken and Politicians continue to throw make believe money at it,  some of which is my make believe money disguised as stimulus to cities and states.


Crying poor-mouth as it looks to jack up fares and slash services, the MBTA has hired nearly 900 new employees over the past two years while doling out $100,000-plus to hundreds in salaries and overtime, a Herald payroll review found.
T officials last year said they were ponying up more for overtime rather than hiring new staff. Yet, the T’s latest payroll report provided to the Herald shows the transit agency has hired 871 new employees over the past two years, even as more staffers are racking up six-figure salaries leavened by OT.
Those hires, T spokesman Joe Pesaturo said, were for “safety” and to “maintain services” on the quasi-public state agency as it faces a $161 million budget deficit.
All told, 631 T staffers hauled in $100,000 or more last year in salary and overtime, up nearly 20 percent from the 531 who raked in six-figure pay in 2010.
The payroll review comes as hundreds of angry T riders packed a raucous public hearing at Boston Public Library last night and shouted down the speaker while calling for reforms or new funding sources instead of service cuts and fare hikes.
“The cuts have to start at the top. Those are serious numbers,” said Margaret Witham of Boston, a professor at Bunker Hill Community College. “Squeezing the bottom is just not the way to go.”

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