Friday, February 10, 2012

How much land should the government own and manage

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       I am all for open space, and also of  the opinion that "government" is better suited to give away homes rather then continuing to build public housing.  God knows today there are many of homes unoccupied that people could be living in.  Once something is yours, you are better at taking care of it.....that is a fact.

  I am not for land grabbing from the federal or local governments.  We are being told we need jobs, government does not create jobs, just bureaucracy and work.

NEWBURYPORT — The Conservation Commission voted this week to "express interest" in 19 acres of open space the city stands to receive if Tropic Star LLC of New Hampshire is successful in winning a rezoning on Storey Avenue.
Though the commission has not finalized the wording of its stand, the vote indicates that some city officials are concerned about a potential 185-unit housing development being considered for a nearby parcel on Low Street.
In fact, acreage near the intersection of Low Street and Storey Avenue has suddenly become the hot spot in the city for those interested in open space, commercial growth and/or affordable housing.
Mayor Donna Holaday urged the Conservation Commission at its meeting this week to go on record in stating that it values open space.
 n 2004, Seaport Village LLC proposed an extensive plan on 22 acres on Low Street owned by Eleanor Woodman, but the deal was tied up in court for a half-dozen years. Last March, the courts ruled in Seaport's favor, and now, representatives appear to be resurrecting their plan for a complex that would include affordable housing.

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  1. It seems like we are no longer a country of a constitution or of laws.


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