Thursday, January 26, 2012

Officials demand Greenway ‘transparency’

Yes, Massachusetts also has it's share of Czars who get paid top dollar.  Now what these government employees do for that pay is not always clear nor is it easy to find out per following article.  In this recession, state jobs remain the best paying.

Alarmed by the Rose Kennedy Greenway’s brazen attempt to dodge a Herald inquiry about its finances, top state officials are demanding that the embattled chief of the taxpayer-funded nonprofit open the books and hand over details of the conservancy’s hefty salaries, bonuses, expenses and contracts.
“I am concerned about the Conservancy’s transparency in providing information,” state transportation czar Richard Davey wrote to Greenway Executive Director Nancy Brennan yesterday, after a Herald report revealed her efforts to withhold the latest information on her own six-figure salary.
“We believe strongly that this organization should be held to the same standards of transparency as all quasi-public agencies,” Davey told the Herald.

State transportation funds pay roughly half of the Greenway’s $4.7 million annual budget to oversee the 15-acre park over the Central Artery tunnels. Brennan has earned up to $225,000 a year in salary and bonuses and employs nearly 40 people, while separately contracting out maintenance work.
“This is a real stinker,” said House Minority Leader Rep. Bradley H. Jones (R-N. Reading). “I certainly think someone should ask to see the books. We need a full accounting of what has been raised and spent and what taxpayer dollars were used directly and indirectly.”


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