Friday, January 6, 2012

My Mother also would tell me to eat those peas, children are starving in China

    I guess some would say this is money well spent from a country who's books are in the red. It was just another job creator?  I was not called on to quote any of this renovation work, but I am a non union shop.  When the government and politician say there is no where to cut costs, I say bull feathers.  Will this be just another monument to a bygone society, may be the Chinese would like to own a museum.  Is it nice, yes, do we really need it, no.

Thirty years is a long time in museum life. Collections grow, tastes change, and so do the way curators and the public view art. After being closed for four years these galleries, on the second floor of the Met’s American Wing, will reopen on Jan. 16 after a complete renovation. It is the third and final phase of a $100 million project that includes new galleries dedicated to the neo-Classical arts of America and an overhaul of the period rooms and the Charles Engelhard Court, a light-filled pavilion punctuated by the Greek Revival limestone facade of Martin E. Thompson’s Branch Bank of the United States. The neo-Classical galleries opened in 2007, and the period rooms and court reopened in 2009.

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