Thursday, December 15, 2011


     I thought for sure I would have a shot at "person of the year" according to Time's  magazine this year.  I guess not all protesters are judged alike by a magazine or even a president.  I too spent many an hour at town meetings and on street corners with my fellow Teaparty protesters, and not once was my group in the paper or on the local  TV news.  Well, we did not disrupt traffic of people's lives either.  

  What happened?  Aside from the protesting, I have kept busy at my job keeping a company going and hiring people who want to get paid for an honest day's work.  What I did not do was take over someone's private property, stop people from going to their jobs, make children cry, or cause damage and overtime costs for police detail...........I guess my taxes will be going up. 

   Let me close by congratulating the Time's and those who even choose to read it.  As for me, I will continue to resist government takeover, higher taxes, bath regularly, and keep gathering a written library of history books and other printed material and maybe a picture or two that has not made the local news.  This I do for my grand kids. What is right is still right and what is wrong is still trashy.

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