Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Not too late to Use that Brain God gave ya.........................

    Growing up in the age when using one's brain was the norm and insisted upon to get along in this world, I find it interesting that still another panel or another government office is finding that cell phone use while driving could be dangerous.  Well, I must admit, I did know this fact and did not need the government to tell me so and yes, I do not do it!
    Being an informed person, I also knew that cigarette smoking was bad for me and I quit before the government told me I had to or forced my health insurance company not to cover me or before I was forced to stand by a snow covered tree or an empty field to smoke that dirty cigarette.
   May I?  Because I still do not know what is good for me,  my government has decided (for me) that as of this coming January, my trash will no longer be collected unless I have a recycle bin set out next to it with washed (my cost) cans and bottles and wrapped (my time) newspaper. Has it been taken into account that I must take a blood thinner and now am told to wash bottles and sharp tin cans?  Boy, how nice not to remember to do anything, go anywhere, or think anymore because this government is now in charge of these functions for me! 
    Now do not get me wrong and think I do not believe in laws and law enforcement because I do.  I just think that we are being lead down the path of total government control, fewer rights, and paying more for what we do not want or need.  Maybe I am just old fashioned.  God Bless my country, where ever it went...............

The five-member board unanimously agreed to the recommendation today, according to a press release. Specifically, the agency is recommending that the ban apply to both hands-free and handheld phones. Several states have already passed laws restricting text messaging while driving and many require drivers use hands-free devices while talking on the phone. The NTSB's recommendations go far beyond these current restrictions.

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  1. "Not too late to Use that Brain God gave ya"

    Your preaching to the Choir honey.


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