Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Just let the old people go, it will save on costs

Unprecedented access to Medicare claims data found 40 percent of cancer screenings for patients 75 years and older to be medically unnecessary. Not only are many of the tests invasive, as health writer Joe Eaton reports, but they place a sizable financial toll on Medicare — for instance, $31 million was spent to screen people in their 90s.
Ah yes.........  Back when Obamacare was only a socialist's dream, my mother-in-law, then age 80, was screened for cancer.  Cancer was found and treated and she lived to be 90.  Now who is to say when the cut off date will be for our elderly patients?  I could probably sit with Congress and go down the list of foolishness and check off 100 wasteful and useless cash cows to be done away with.

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