Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Occupy This

  Boy, do feel sad that those New York protestors got kicked out of the privately owned park they have been trashing for two months.  Oh, and thank those lucky stars and liberal judges for disallowing the police and ruling that they can stay after all.  Whats the problem?  Come to Boston. Last week we had volunteer doctors distributing flu shots to the bunch and today we have lawyers who will represent these people to head off what happened in New York, as far as having them leave.  How's that for ya New York???????

Occupy Boston protesters vow they won’t be forced out of their tent city like New York’s Wall Street campers were yesterday — even as Mayor Thomas M. Menino promised they can stay — but legal advocates launched a pre-emptive strike anyway to bar the city from evicting them.
“Mayor Menino you should know, hell no, we won’t go!” a protester tweeted at @Occupy_ Boston, marking progress online as a chanting group marched through downtown last night.
Menino is assuring the Dewey Square tent city dwellers he isn’t looking to give them the boot like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg did yesterday.

      And let's also hear it for our 35 term mayor, huh??????????????

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