Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Law of the Land should be for all, including the law makers

Is there really any politician who is honest and trustworthy?  Most today basically make the rules for others to follow but disregard them for themselves.  Yes, I too will be picking and choosing the rules and laws to "obey".
Why no national coverage on this case?
U.S. Rep. John Tierney and his wife, Patrice, dined at the lavish Antigua offices of a gambling enterprise federal prosecutors say was run by her indicted brothers, Robert and Daniel Eremian, a former lover and gal Friday of Sports Off Shore’s manager testified yesterday.
John Tierney has claimed ignorance of his wife’s involvement in filing false tax returns on illegal gambling income for her fugitive brother, Robert Eremian, who is accused of running the multimillion-dollar betting operation.
Linda Richardson, 60, a Gloucester mom granted immunity for her testimony, told jurors at U.S. District Court in Boston that she saw the congressman and his wife visiting the gaming headquarters on an unspecified date. Richardson, an ex-girlfriend of Richard Sullivan, the fugitive authorities claim managed Sports Off Shore, testified there was no mistaking what went on there.

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