Tuesday, November 8, 2011

    For years, many in my generation (over 60) have watched the rights of the individual disappear and put in it's place more controlling government agencies.   Where once one was free to ride a bike without a helmet or fish in the pond down the street with your Dad, rules, laws, and fees have taken over..............for your own good of course.  Everyone is stuck in mediocrity, so what, ya get a trophy just for participating.  And if you do not participate, well that's okay here's your trophy anyway. 
   We are the world they tell me.  Well, Europe is in deep trouble and is now trying to head off more financial problems by calling for austerity, this the people who have been taken care of for so many years are not happy about.  Imagine in France one plan calls for raising the retirement age to 62 by the year 1915!  Anyway, I have always found it to be true,  the more ya give the more they take....just saying. 

Almost a quarter of young
Italians aged between 15 and 29 do not work or study, the Bank
of Italy has said in a report.
The report said that Italy had 2.2 million NEETS (people
Not in Education, Employment or Training) in that age group in
2010, 23.4% of the total.
Italian President Giorgio Napolitano recently called youth
unemployment ''central'' to social unrest in Italy, which
manifested itself in mid October when an initially peaceful
protest against corporate greed and the lack of opportunities
for young people attended by around 200,000 people in Rome
turned into a riot.
Last month statistics agency ISTAT said 29.3% of Italy's
15-to-24-year-olds were out of work in September, the highest
level since the beginning of 2004.

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