Monday, November 14, 2011

Fly the Friendly Skies............................I think Not

    How much would this country safe if only to cut spending and allow private industry to flourish.  Our government has gotten way too big and I see no change even with a new administration.  Don't think that your money is only going to poorly run solar companies.

American airlines have slammed U.S. government subsidies given to foreign rivals who buy Boeing planes, and the airlines want $3.4 billion of loan guarantees given to Air India to be reconsidered, a report said Sunday.

The Wall Street Journal said the Air Transport Association -- in a letter to Ex-Im Bank Chairman Fred Hochberg earlier this month -- called on the federal agency to slash funding to international buyers of Boeing jetliners.

"The bank's support for foreign airlines injures U.S. carriers," said ATA lawyer Michael Kellogg in the letter, the newspaper reported on its website.

The letter centered on Air India, according to the Journal, arguing that the state-owned carrier's long-running losses and management problems should bar it from U.S. financial assistance.

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