Friday, November 4, 2011

Another Country's government that will soon run out of other people's money

''I see this as evidence of how important Italy's reform
process is for the country and for the eurozone as a whole''.
The Commission will also oversee implementation of the
package amid concerns that the whole eurozone will sink if Italy
becomes unable to service a national debt that amounts to about
120% of GDP.

       Now that could become worrisome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


  1. It's pertinent to note that Greece's debt is around $450Bn. Italy's debt is over $1Tn! If the Euros are so concerned about Greece, what will they do when Italy goes toes up?

  2. If the Greek Gvt don't get their act together and soon they are going to bankrupt the whole world.

  3. It kinda doesn't really matter.....more trouble in Europe on the horizon ergo Italy, Portugal, France


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