Thursday, October 6, 2011

Someone is Missing from the Village.................Please Come and get Him

     This is kinda like an Amber Alert.  Does anyone recognize this young man?  Does he have parents that need to buck-up and admit to the fact?  Does he have an employer who may wonder why he has not showed up for work?  Is he up to date on his school loan payments, car payments, insurance payments, cell phone payments?  Does anyone notice his seat in class has been empty for awhile?  Please, someone, anyone, come forward and claim this young man as he knows not what he does.
  Along with our sympathy, apologies for wrongful teachings from liberal schools, college professors, and those who, because of Capitalism, have paid his way through life up to this point.  In his mind, he is right and noble.  I am only guessing that Communism is his goal of choice where everybody works and everybody is the same and to hell with innovations, self reliance.  Well, I digress. Please, someone come get this lad and take him to a safe place before some harm comes to him or worse yet, he starts panhandling for coffee money in front of  the last and only business left in the city.    

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  1. "Someone is Missing from the Village.................Please Come and get Him"

    Sorry, I don't want him.


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