Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Not All Foreigners Here Are Picking Peas and Potatoes

    Although I do know many foreigners come to the USA to get an education, I did not know how many stayed with extended visas (legal).  I think some of the problem with attracting doctors to rural parts of our country could be the liability insurance needed on top of the cost of living.  Even Dr.Welby would find it difficult to carry out his duties in this day and age.  I still say Obamacare should be repealed and we should take care of tort reform and allowing better competition between health plans already established.

Foreign-born doctors in the US

  • India: 40,000
  • Philippines: 12,800
  • China: 9,600
  • Canada: 8,200
  • North and South Korea: 7,900
  • Pakistan: 7,900
Source: American Community Survey, 2009

The city of Logan in West Virginia has just 1,779 citizens. The nearest large city, Charleston, is an hour away, via winding roads through the Appalachian mountains. Logan is surrounded by rural land, and is in an area which has lost half its population since the 1950s.
It's a far cry from just about anything that would attract an affluent doctor from overseas. And yet they come.
 A visa waiver program was set up in 1994 to address the shortage by offering foreign-born doctors on J-1 student visas an easy path to a permanent residency - if they agree to work in an under-served area for three years.   more

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