Friday, October 21, 2011

For Sale..........................

   Although mortgage rates are the lowest in years and it is still a buyers market, the economy is still in the dumps.
  You can add to the mix the fleeing and closing businesses with for sale signs still up at our industrial parks.  Years ago it was proposed to send industrial facilities to relocate from the city and town centers to these massive parks sometimes located miles away from where they sat for years and people could see them.  Sounded good to some, and in their place public and low income housing units took over the buildings.  Well, the people came and the industry is now gone. Everyone can now breath easier as the smell of leather and industry has left the region and not seen to return anytime soon. 

ATTLEBORO - A glut of industrial properties on the market is hampering efforts to sell the cash-strapped industrial business park under development by the Attleboro Redevelopment Authority.
ARA Chairwoman Judy Robbins said vacant land, developed land and empty industrial buildings are available throughout the area, making efforts to sell very competitive.
The depressed economy has created the glut of properties, most of which are less expensive to develop than the hilly, rock-laden and mostly roadless business park.
Empty buildings that companies can simply lease or buy are more attractive than the forested ARA park, which has just one road and a limited number of available lots.

       The president is now in campaign mode and claiming his new jobs plan/stimulus will help our country.  I do not think hiring back more teachers will make our schools any better or kids any smarter.  I know hiring more fire and police will not make lower the crime rate or put bread on the table for the person who's job went overseas along with the company he used to work at.

Lowe's which is shuttering eight stores throughout New England as part of an overall cutback, is apparently killing plans for a $25 million development in Salem, which as the Salem News is coming as a nasty shock to local officials. Lowe's troubles notwithstanding, the proposed development on the Lynn line was the subject of a major court victory when a judge dismissed all but one of the allegations in a lawsuit filed by the city of Lynn against the planned development, the News reports.

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  1. Ref the Lynn city lawsuit against the Lowe's development.

    Be careful what you ask for. You may get more than you expect.


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