Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yes Virginia, there are good paying jobs and workers who do not belong to a union

     We in Massachusetts are blessed cursed with bowing to unions and must pay union wages on all jobs involving state, city or town work.  No real competition in this mandate and much work could still be done efficiently and at a lower cost to the tax payer if  ALL could bid true numbers.
Be forewarned;  this practice is set to continue with more 'stimulus' heading our way via the new jobs bill.  The 'new' jobs bill is just the same as the 'old' jobs bill and will only benefit those working for the unions, private and public.  We in the private sector have been laying off workers ever since 2008 and lowering wages.  Now, teachers and other public employees are trying to head of the same layoffs for themselves with bailout from this President with no accountability in the process. 

NEWBURYPORT — Citizens Supporting Anna Jaques Hospital members plan to hold a rally early next month as they continue their efforts to persuade an electrical union that has been picketing outside the hospital for months to leave the city once and for all.
The rally is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 2, from 1 to 3 p.m. at Brown's Square in downtown Newburyport.
The group, co-founded by Haley's Ice Cream owner Michael Roy, was formed as a response to what members believed were the bullying tactics of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 103 as it protested the hospital's decisions to hire nonunion electrical workers as part of its $15 million renovation project.
Roy said the rally is being organized to continue the group's support of the hospital and its staff. The rally will also feature live music, a raffle and an awards ceremony to honor group members, city councilors who have voiced their support of his group's efforts and those who first posted pro-hospital signs in businesses and on lawns, Roy said.
"IBEW 103 can certainly outspend us and out-manpower us, but we will do the max of what we can do," Roy said.
IBEW Local 103 spokesman Louis Antonellis said the rally wouldn't deter his union from continuing its protests.     MORE

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