Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wave bye to Pledge of Allegiance in school

    Yes, the new regime wants to change the whole look of the America I grew up in.   It is fine to teach sex education and fine to bring into the class room of a small child discussions on guy rights.  The Pledge of Allegiance or a morning prayer or moment of silence is no longer in fashion as we are told to march in line down the trail of socialism. What the heck is the matter with this country other than allowing the government to tell you what to eat, drink, smoke, and when, if at all, you can do it?  Well, I suggest we all start wearing our government mandated helmets, lanyards, and knee pads because we are in for a bumpy ride.
     The President will speak tonight to a joint session of Congress.  Much more spending will be proposed.  We have no more money, even though he is spending it faster than we can print it.  This President is way out of his league ( Washington, Eisenhower, Kennedy) and needs to be replaced in the next election.  This man is a fine speaker but not even a mediocre leader of a once proud country.
    A President need to be finding an extra $100.00 in one's pay envelope and returning it to the bank (my husband) without even the thought of doing anything other.  A man who considers others and will help when the situation arises like lifting a handicap man from his wheel chair to the bottom of the subway station and then returning to retrieve the wheelchair (my oldest son) also.  A person who takes time out of his or her day to work within the community and with school children (my youngest son, now president of the Rotary Club in town).
    Yes, these men I speak of all said the Pledge of Allegiance and even a prayer while they were in school, public and private school.  A politician is still a politician, some good some not so good.  Everyone is entitled to their rights but that does not mean changing for the few the rights of the many......Amen! 

Peaceniks in leafy, lefty Brookline are trying to ban the Pledge of Allegiance from town schools, insisting the iconic verse has anti-patriotic overtones and even shades of McCarthyism — a claim seen as an insulting absurdity by families of fallen soldiers and 9/11 victims as the 10th anniversary of that horrific day approaches.
“That’s nuts. This is just really stupid,” said Jack Steele of Duxbury, whose son, 1st Lt. Timothy Steele, was killed in action in Kandahar, Afghanistan, last month. “I just find it so disrespectful when I look at the number of men who have given their lives so we could live the way we want.”
Brookline Political Action for Peace — also known as Brookline PAX — will push Town Meeting voters in November to urge the School Committee to end the requirement that principals allow a weekly recitation of the Pledge during morning announcements. The town lets students choose whether to participate.
The activist group argues the pledge has no educational value and is “literally and psychologically a loyalty oath, reminiscent of McCarthyism or some horrific totalitarian regimes.”
The petition is chiefly the work of Marty Rosenthal, the Brookline group’s co-chairman, who also led a successful bid in the 1980s to eliminate the pledge from Town Meeting’s official proceedings, making it a voluntary part of the prelude.

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  1. Lets face it Obama is a He's a Marxist...straight down-the-line . What are we supposed to do, give this miscreant a pass because he's the president?


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