Monday, September 19, 2011

Buffett Says He Stands By 'Buffett Rule'

     Yes, back at my desk after a routine eye exam this morning  While in the doctor's office I was asked if I was retired.  I laughed and said no, don't see that coming anytime soon I say.  The doctor's assistant tells me she is hopeful things will be getting better in maybe FIVE YEARS!   She even admits that maybe we should get Clinton back because he at least had some good policies.  The fact is five years is too optimistic.
    The Buffet Rule is a joke.  You see, if everyone actually paid their fair share of taxes and the rich did write additional checks to the government, that would not change the fact that those who spend our money will not change and spend it more wisely or decrease the size of government.  

Reached Sunday in Omaha, Nebraska, the outspoken billionaire told the FOX Business Network the administration "asked me if they could use my name (on it) and I said, 'Sure. It's what I believe.'" 
Buffett has long argued that the wealthiest Americans tend to pay a smaller portion of their income in federal taxes than middle-income earners because some millionaires and billionaires often get much of their income from capital gains, which are taxed at a lower rate than basic wages.
    An when Mr. Buffet's generous contribution to the government's money bucket is depleted, who will jump in to volunteer or who will even be left with two nickles to rub together. 

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