Tuesday, August 2, 2011

When business leaves, the who community suffers.

The Beverly Homecoming Committee is concerned that the much-anticipated fireworks display may not take place this year, due to a diminished return in the annual fundraising effort. Fundraising is down substantially, almost $24,000 below target.
According to committee member and City Councilor Jim Latter, “At our most recent board meeting, Wednesday July 27, no one could recall a Homecoming without the fireworks. The Homecoming festivities dates to 1966. The reality is a changed local business environment, a tight economy and an early start time has left us short of funds. The committee absolutely wants to continue the tradition, but we need the money to pay for fireworks. We are just not equipped to run a negative cash flow. If we don’t have the cash, we can’t have the fireworks. It’s that simple.”
Latter hopes that the Greater Beverly community, which in his words, “has shown a willingness to step up to the plate time and time again for a good cause,” will come through again and save the fireworks. A final decision will have to be made by Aug. 4. The fireworks are tentatively scheduled to take place after the concert at Lynch Park on Sunday Aug. 7, if the funds come through.
According to the Homecoming Committee, “Now is the time to donate.”

      It is a fact that small business does not only create jobs but supports the community in many ways.  Business owners join and support community organizations like the Rotary and Lions, to name just a couple.  Businessmen not only donate money to school outings, the elderly and youth groups, they also give their time on nights and weekends.  So don't bash business by telling them they need to 'sacrifice' more and pay more taxes.  They themselves are working more and making less in these days of recession.  They are not guaranteed the best health care coverage or even a pension.  If it was easy, everyone would do it.

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