Monday, August 22, 2011

What, Simulus monies almost gone in Massachusetts

Gonzalez said more than half of the stimulus money, some $4 billion, was used to plug holes in state and municipal budgets, paying for health care for low-income residents and saving the jobs of teachers, public safety employees, and others. That category of money ran out June 30, the close of the state fiscal year.
The state used another $2.3 billion in stimulus funding for transportation improvements, solar installations, and weatherization projects in more than 10,000 homes.
Some of the money went to new roads and utility upgrades to support private development projects that are taking root in several municipalities. In Somerville, the state constructed an access road to the $1.5 billion Assembly Row project, where builders are planning to begin construction this fall of hundreds of homes and stores. In Weymouth, construction of a new parkway has jumpstarted construction of a minicity called SouthField that will eventually include 2,800 homes, movie studios, a golf course, offices, and stores. And in Burlington, road improvements laid the groundwork for new stores, offices, and homes at Northwest Park.

 This would be laughable if not so sad.  In my area alone there are unfinished bridge and road projects being 'guarded' by State Police officers daily.  We are broke and have no money to hand over to bureaucrats to continue to hand out to insure re-election.   Government does not create jobs just work and the time of this reality is now with layoffs to be next. 

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