Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Still Another Jury gets it Wrong

A jury’s acquittal of an ex-firefighter who collected a $65,000-a-year disability pension while competing as a bodybuilder has stunned city officials, but one empathetic juror said Albert Arroyo could be any of those who find themselves “fighting for their lives” these days.
A woman, who identified herself as an alternate juror but declined to give her name, said federal prosecutors failed to present sufficient evidence to support criminal convictions for mail fraud. “None. Not enough for fraud.”
The juror, a diligent note-taker throughout the 10-day trial, was not bothered by evidence that Arroyo was lifting triple-digit weights, playing baseball, running and riding a bike while claiming that the walking and sitting required of him as a fire-prevention inspector were murder on the back he’d injured hauling hose. “A lot of people have ailments,” the woman said, shrugging off Arroyo’s exercise regimen. “People are fighting for their lives.”

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