Sunday, July 10, 2011

Plan and Simple Talk

Some say it may already be to late to save the America we grew up in.

Progress is good but not all progress. Do we need a cell phone attached to our ears every minute?  Do all children who compete need to receive a trophy for doing so or is the accomplishment just to compete and finish the race?  Who do you want to be charge of what you choose to eat or what your first grader is exposed to?  Simple questions for a long past simple time. 

I do not have all the answers but I do know what I like and dislike.  The path our country has been taking these past two decades goes in the dislike column. 

   From the Daily Uprising
Every once in a while, we hear folks hoping that Barack Obama runs into a major scandal involving a personal failing, a faulty birth certificate, or an internal challenge from the Clintons. We reluctantly dissent.
Recent history teaches us that we are in a battle against ideas and not against President Obama. If he is defeated by something other than a rejection of his political and economic philosophies, the United States may take decades to recover.

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