Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Cameras to Watch over You..............

      Official OK fourth camera in down town area of Newburyport.

NEWBURYPORT — There will one more eye in the sky watching over downtown Newburyport sometime this summer after the City Council last night approved spending more than $16,000 to purchase and install a fourth surveillance camera.
Police Marshal Thomas Howard said the camera will be focused on the fountain and playground area of Inn Street. A contractor will be hired to install the camera within the next few months depending on the availability of equipment. 

      With all these cameras and new technology, it only stands to reason that towns and cities will require less police vehicles which means less gas consumption.  Well, this should also require less police officers on the force with huge savings to the community.  God bless technology.  Ad a new column set right next to the one saying less fire people needed because of rigorous regulations of fire and smoke detectors required in all existing buildings...........I feel better already!   
      Now lets follow the lead of the MBTA where the red ink flows faster than the trains.  We now hear of a plan to sell the names of T stops to companies to improve revenue.  China has infested much on our debt, maybe they would like one of those old, out of date monuments named after a Chinese company or even proverbs like
To build it took one hundred years; to destroy it one day, ............. I like that one alot.  

             More proverbs we might like to use


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